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Today: Terror in Istanbul. He Was the R in TRW.

June 29, 2016

I’m Davan Maharaj, editor-in-chief of the Los Angeles Times. Here are some story lines I don’t want you to miss today.


Terror in Istanbul

Gunfire. Three suicide bombers. At least 41 dead and more than 230 injured. A terror attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport, Europe’s third-busiest, left another scene of carnage, pandemonium and profound sadness. Here is the latest from Turkey — and another look at our special report on 180 recent terror attacks you haven’t heard about.

The Last Word on Benghazi?

House Republicans released their final, 800-page report on the deadly 2012 terror attacks in Benghazi. The result, after more than two years and millions of dollars, was a few more details on the government’s troubling response under the Obama administration. As for Hillary Clinton: Though the FBI is still investigating her email use, the report had no new evidence of wrongdoing.

No, It Wasn’t the Last Word

The White House called it a “conspiracy” theory and Clinton suggested it was “time to move on” after the Benghazi report, but Donald Trump called it “just another Hillary Clinton failure.” That tweet came before the Istanbul attack, which prompted Trump to re-up his call for waterboarding, and after Trump’s speech about punishing China via taxes and tariffs and pulling the U.S. from trade deals — delivered in front of a wall of trash.

The Supreme Court’s Men in the Middle

The inner workings of the Supreme Court are enrobed in secrecy, but recent decisions on abortion and affirmative action were emblematic of the bond that has formed between Justices Anthony M. Kennedy and Stephen G. Breyer. The former is a Republican, the latter a Democrat, but the two Californians are the most moderate members of the court. Take a closer look at an alliance that could play an even bigger role whenever the Senate gets around to confirming a ninth justice.

He Was the R in TRW

Engineer. Inventor. Entrepreneur. Author. Violinist. Simon Ramo did a lot during his 103 years, but his biggest legacy was as the chief architect of the United States’ intercontinental ballistic missile system. At the behest of President Eisenhower, he and Dean Everett Wooldridge worked in secret, first out of a former barbershop in Westchester, then in a former Catholic church in Inglewood. Read on for more about the late aerospace industry pioneer who wrote books like “Meetings, Meetings, and More Meetings” and “Tennis by Machiavelli.”

‘Through It All, They Were Together’

Byron McKaig, an 81-year-old Anglican priest, and his 90-year-old wife, Gladys, lived in a red barn-style house from across Lake Isabella. “They never went anywhere without each other,” said one neighbor. On Friday morning, the couple died in the worst wildfire this year in California. In the end, it appeared Byron died trying to protect his wife.


— Voters will get to decide whether to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in November.

— A report says poorly performing L.A. County sheriff’s deputies are not weeded out in their first year, and that can cause problems later.

— Owners of the Urth Caffé in Laguna Beach cafe are countersuing a group of Muslim women who alleged discrimination.

— Want to play Wonder Woman or Freddy Krueger on Hollywood Boulevard? You might need a pass for that.


— European leaders pressed Britain’s David Cameron to act quickly after the Brexit vote.

Britain’s Labor Party is in turmoil as Jeremy Corbyn lost a confidence vote.

Portland’s police chief stepped down amid a furor over an accidental shooting.

— Beijing is sinking as much as four inches per year because of the overconsumption of groundwater.

Two new vaccines can protect against Zika virus after a single shot.


— The makers of a documentary about competitive endurance tickling are facing possible legal action.

— The directors of “The War Room” look at the fight to give animals the legal benefits of “personhood.”

— The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is expected to announce its newest class of members today.

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