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Clinton campaign’s bank account grows with an additional $40.5 million raised in June

July 1, 2016

As Donald Trump struggles to mount an effective fundraising operation, Hillary Clinton reported another huge month.

The Clinton campaign said it raised $40.5 million for its own accounts in June, plus an additional $28 million that the Democratic National Committee and its affiliates in the states can use to register voters and organize Democrats. It is the most money the Clinton campaign has raised in a month yet, reflecting a considerable uptick since the campaign moved into the general-election phase.

The funds raised do not include the additional millions of dollars likely raised for the pro-Clinton super PAC, Priorities USA, which functions independently. Trump has been scrambling to catch up since reporting that his campaign was practically broke at the end of May, with just over $1 million in the bank. Clinton, by contrast, entered July with $44 million on hand.

Trump’s financial troubles stem from a reluctance of big donors to contribute to his campaign and a lack of organized fundraising structure. He sought to ease the concerns of big donors by announcing he would forgive $50 million worth of personal loans to his campaign, which he used to win the primary. The move would mean that money he collects now could not be diverted to paying back Trump for the primary.

But building a fundraising apparatus that resembles anything close to Clinton’s will still be extremely difficult for Trump. The enormous fundraising gap he faces puts him at a considerable disadvantage as Clinton has already started major television advertising campaigns in swing states.

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