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This summer camp at Cal State Fullerton teaches kids to build robots and circuits

July 16, 2017

Legos aren’t a common component in the computer engineering classes that assistant professor Kiran George teaches his Cal State Fullerton students during the school year. But the colorful plastic blocks are a great way to spark an interest in computer science among his summer program students – kids ages 7-10.

George proposed and developed the RoboCircuitz course after seeing how his daughter Ava, then 6, enjoyed working on a programmable Legos project last summer.

The course, offered for the first time July 10-14, introduced kids to engineering concepts such as robotics, visual programming and basic electrical circuits by building and programming Lego robotic models as well as models of working electrical circuits made with Snap Circuits.

“The reason why we don’t have enough engineers in the U.S. is because kids are not exposed to engineering concepts early in their childhood,” George said. “My goal was to come up with a course that will expose kids to engineering principles at an affordable cost.”

To reduce the fee per student, which typically would exceed $400, George offered to forgo his teaching fee.

– Wendy Fawthrop

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