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Sanchez heads to WeHo, Inglewood to check in with supporters

June 5, 2016

Rep. Loretta Sanchez bounced from stop to stop around Southern California on Sunday, shaking hands in Inglewood, asking in Spanish for votes in downtown Los Angeles and mingling in shops in West Hollywood.

As the Senate primary race winds down, Sanchez and other candidates across the state worked to get out their supporters this weekend.

Right before the lunch rush, Sanchez swept through Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, where her opponent, Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris, had visited the day before.

After Sanchez posed for selfies at his table, Tyrone Rodgers, 47, of Manhattan Beach said that he had just started looking at candidates. He plans to vote Tuesday and supports Hillary Clinton.

“I don’t see anybody who compares to her right now,” Rodgers said. “She has a long track record.”

A few blocks down the road, Sanchez spoke with the dozen or so people waiting in line at Randy’s Donuts, as her staff passed out water bottles and tote bags.

Capitalizing on a captive audience, she made her way down to the cars waiting in the drive-through line, leaning against the windows and asking people how many doughnuts they were going to buy. She lamented not having time to get in line herself.

Tessa Osborn, 28, of Redondo Beach said she hadn’t made a decision yet on the Senate race, but meeting Sanchez made her stand out.

“Loretta just made a definite impression on me,” she said. “Her thoughts on water and imigration and what she can do for California and this country is exactly what we need.”

“There are 34 names, look for Loretta Sanchez,” Sanchez told patrons of a restaurant on Olvera Street.

She meandered through the market space, pausing to pose with a mariachi band and singing to an elderly couple in Spanish as she handed out fliers.

One man said he recognized her from her annual Christmas card, which for years featured the congresswoman and her pet cat Gretzky in various adventures.

Sanchez leaned over the patio railing at El Paseo to ensure that Alex Galindo, 34, of Anaheim planned to vote.

He said he’s been with Sanchez since she entered the race. He hasn’t decided who to support in the presidential race Tuesday.

“I like how she’s humble. There’s a lot of politicians that throw out empty promises. I just like her whole point of view [and] direction,” he said.

Sanchez said in an interview that she’s hoping Latinos excited about the chance of electing the first Latina in the U.S. Senate will turn out Tuesday.

“We wanted to remind them in particular to get out and actually vote on Tuesday because they can be excited, but if they don’t vote then we don’t win,” she said.

Sanchez rushed up to West Hollywood next, where she lingered with patrons on the patios of several restaurants.

At the Abbey, Tom Dunlap, 58, of West Hollywood was excited to see his old friend. His company has fundraised for Sanchez and he’s already voted for her.

“She’s always been very proactive in the gay community and very proactive for many of the same positions that I stand for,” he said.

As Sanchez walked down Santa Monica Boulevard, a man yelled, “Go Loretta!” from the patio at St. Feliz. At Bar10, Sanchez rushed through the crowded patio to hug patrons.

J.L. Rigaud, 50, of Los Angeles said he’s still divided on who to support in the Senate and presidential races, but he plans to make a decision in time to vote Tuesday.

“I have two more days,” he said, adding that he’s narrowed it down to either Sanchez or Harris. “I really like both of them.”

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