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Penn State – Georgia State: Georgia State Head Coach Shawn Elliott Postgame Quotes

September 16, 2017

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Sept. 17, 2017

Penn State Football
Georgia State Head Coach Shawn Elliott
September 16, 2017

Q. Coach, obviously a tough day against a very good football team, but what can you take away from this?
SE: It was a tough day. It certainly was. They’re a pretty good football team, a pretty good football team. We gave up a lot of cheap points, that’s probably the most disappointing thing, a lot of cheap, cheap points. We’re playing, I thought, a little bit better than what that kind of indicated. I think we found out we had five offensive linemen that went out there and played their hearts out. I think Taz [Bateman] ran the ball pretty well tonight. We had some problems in our quarterback positions. Costly turnovers can’t happen. The things we’ve got to do to improve, we’ve got to improve.

Q. You mentioned Taz Bateman. You did some good things in your running game both with Taz and Aaron [Winchester].
SE: Taz ran hard, but it’s one and the same, it takes those five guys up running the block. Taz was running hard trying to get all the yards he could. Those guys were understanding the scheme, so I saw a lot of improvement from those guys up front. I think they gave up, I can’t be sure, a sack and a fumble right there. It may have been two sacks, but one was made on our quarterback due to lack of protection. Those guys played pretty hard, and all in all, we fought. We fought. Everyone’s going to look at the score and say 56-0, and it hurts. Anything like that hurts in your life, and I hope it hurts. I hope it stays there. I saw an improvement in a lot of areas that we can move on, and I saw a lot of disappointment. We’ve got to continue building and really working on these things, and we’ll see how it goes.