NCAA releases exhibits supporting Notice of Allegations

May 12, 2016

UNC released over 240 pages of exhibits it received from the NCAA that help support the claims of academic misconduct made in the second Notice of Allegations on Thursday. 

And, as was the case with the NOA, there is almost no mention of football or men’s basketball among the exhibits. 

Instead, the exhibits focus on Jan Boxill, former philosophy professor and head academic counselor for the North Carolina women’s basketball team. 

Over 40 of the 112 exhibits relate to Boxill. They include emails between Boxill and student-athletes that show Boxill added conclusions, introductions and quotes to their papers. They also include emails between her and other professors suggesting grades and interviews with coaches and other faculty that detail their relationship with Boxill. 

Seventy-six of the 112 exhibits have to deal with the final two allegations of the new NOA — which outline the failure of the University to monitor the Academic-Support Program for Student-Athletes and the actions of Boxill, and a lack of institutional control. 

Only two of the exhibits pertain to someone related to the men’s basketball or football programs. 

The first is an email between former faculty member Deborah Crowder and former men’s basketball academic counselor Wayne Walden. In the email, Crowder agrees to enroll a member of the team in an independent study course within the AFAM department. 

The second is a Powerpoint presented by former football academic counselor Beth Bridger to the team’s coaches in 2009. The Powerpoint shows that several players on the team had significantly higher GPAs in AFAM courses than in any other course.


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