Big East

Lending a Helping Hand

June 8, 2016

It may have been an early riser Tuesday morning for coach Bob Huggins and his West Virginia University men’s basketball players, but that didn’t keep them from sticking around as long as it took to hand out every single item of food they had to give out to hundreds of struggling families out of work or in need of food in Boone County, West Virginia.

The southern part of the state has been particularly impacted by the sharp decline in the coal mining industry with many families struggling to make ends meet.

Huggins has always had a soft spot in his heart for coal miners going back to his childhood days, and through the non-profit organization Remember the Miners, established following the horrific Upper Branch mine disaster in 2010, numerous scholarships to siblings, sons and daughters of miners have been awarded to help create awareness of how much the hard-working men and women mean to the people of this state.

So Huggins and his team rolled up their sleeves and spent Tuesday afternoon handing out everything they had, from potatoes, onions, bananas, frozen meats, bread and water, to Ramen noodles.

Everything they brought was gone by early afternoon.

Mountaineer Food Bank and Fighting Hunger helped provide the food, along with local sponsors Little General Stores, Aetna, Coca-Cola, Wal Mart Foodland, Heiner’s Bakery and Broughton Dairy.

“This is done as a token of thanks for what these brave, hard-working West Virginians mean to the state of West Virginia and to our great country,” Huggins said.

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