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Kamala Harris says she’s the U.S. Senate candidate who can unify Californians

June 8, 2016

A day after dominating the U.S. Senate primary election, state Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris hobnobbed with diners at Oakland’s Home of Chicken and Waffles and then told reporters that Tuesday’s results showed she was the candidate who can unify all of California.

According to preliminary results , Harris finished with 40.4% of the vote Tuesday, compared with 8.6% for her Democratic rival, Rep. Loretta Sanchez of Orange. Harris bested Sanchez in all but four counties, and the two were neck-and-neck in the congresswoman’s home county.

The two Democrats will face off in the November general election. Harris dismissed speculation that Sanchez may appeal to moderates and Republicans in hopes of building a patchwork of support that could lead to victory in the general election.

“California spoke last night in terms of the primary,” Harris said.  “People of every demographic, every geographic location in our state, all came together. It was not North versus South; it was not the coast versus inland. All Californians spoke. And we unified them .… That that’s how were going to go into November.”

Harris promised to debate Sanchez, but declined to say how many times, and sidestepped questions about the differences between them.

“I like getting things done. That’s the work I did as attorney general of California,” Harris said. “And that’s the work on want to do going forward.

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