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Jones fracture will keep Caris LeVert from pre-NBA Draft workouts

May 13, 2016

CHICAGO — He would have rather been taking jumpshots, doing shuttle runs and measuring his vertical leap.

Instead, Caris LeVert spent his Thursday getting X-Rays, CT scans and an MRI at a Chicago hospital.

LeVert, the former Michigan star, is at the NBA Draft Combine this week, where he said he’s met with around 15 teams in preparation for next month’s draft.

The first and primary topic in those interviews has been the foot injury that cost him nearly his entire senior year — a reality LeVert expected. In response, he can only say that his recovery is on track, and point to what he’s been able to do when healthy on the court.

“I mean, it sucks not being able to be out there, but I was in college for four years, so they pretty much know my game in and out,” LeVert said.

LeVert revealed here this week that his injury — the nature of which was kept under wraps during the season — is a Jones fracture to the fifth metatarsal in his left foot. The injury, he said, is similar to the one he suffered earlier in his career.

He hoped the fracture would heal on its own, but when that process was slow-going, he opted instead to have surgery after the season by Dr. Martin O’Malley.

LeVert was still on crutches this week in Chicago, and said he will need to wear a boot on his left foot for another four weeks. That means he won’t be doing any predraft workouts with teams.

He’s instead had to rely on conducting strong interviews to convince teams he’s not a medical risk. The medical tests he submitted to this week will become available to every NBA team in the coming days. LeVert said he hasn’t had X-Rays taken in about three weeks, but the last one he took showed that his recovery was on target.

“I’m still very valuable, obviously,” LeVert said. “The injuries are a risk, but I can’t really control that right now.”

LeVert said he’s heard his draft is anywhere from No. 18 overall to No. 45 overall, a range he called “probably the widest range ever.”

That’s all out of his control though. So LeVert is focusing on the small part of the predraft process that he can control.

“That’s the only thing I can do this week, give good interviews and give clean medical reports,” LeVert said.

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