From the Web: Fans read boring Jimmer Fredette tweets

May 23, 2016

Your average fan of Brigham Young University basketball will say Jimmer Fredette’s time as a Cougar was prolific, iconic and overall, a feat of talent.

A new video published on YouTube by “Cougs on Cougs” shows how unfit Jimmer is for Twitter with fans forcibly reading the basketball star’s cringe- and snooze-worthy tweets.

“Always tough waking up early on a rainy day,” reads one uninterested fan. “Me too, Jimmer. Me too,” he replies in exasperated boredom.

Even Jimmer and his wife, Whitney Fredette, join in on the fun.

“First one, hashtag Happy Halloween,” she reads to her husband. “What’s up with that?”

“Everyone was tweeting that!” Jimmer responds in defense.

“No one was,” Whitney amusingly quips back.

The video is filled with more fans reading these dull tweets with perfect deadpan faces.

The roast of Jimmer tweets has been viewed more than 6,000 times and was uploaded May 17.

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