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Football season ticket plans sell out

June 3, 2016

The MSU Athletics Department announced on Thursday those wanting to buy football season tickets for the first time when ticket sales open up to the public on June 15 will only be able to purchase a six game package that excludes the Oct. 29 matchup with University of Michigan.

Season ticket plans for this year, a usual seven game package, have sold out according to MSU Athletics because of the high demand from current season ticket holders who added seats to their package and an extra allotment of tickets given to Michigan.

MSU athletic director Mark Hollis told The Detroit News that it received 2,400 new season ticket requests for this season.

Non-new season ticket holders had to renew their tickets by May 1 of this year and were allowed to add up to four seats to their current packages, many took advantage of this, MSU executive associate athletic director, Paul Schager told the Lansing State Journal on Thursday.

Michigan is giving 5,000 tickets to this year’s game and has always received more, according to the Spartan Ticket Office, though it was unsure how long that has been going on. The office also said the number was dependent on how many tickets Michigan wanted.

As for other schools the Spartan Ticket Office said the number of tickets wasn’t settled on.

Undoubtedly the game where a majority of recruiting commitments and potential commitments are present, MSU Athletics sets aside tickets for those recruits — though the Spartan Ticket Office was unsure how many that would be this year.

“We have higher demands for Michigan because there are lot of other activities beyond athletics,” MSU athletic director Hollis told The Detroit News. “Generally it’s a high weekend of recruiting but it’s also a high weekend for governmental affairs and other activities that are going on on campus. That leads to 200, 300 tickets and it does have an impact on the ability that you have to sell on a season-ticket basis.”

But Michigan isn’t the only visiting team to receive an extra allotment, as Ohio State — which comes to Spartan Stadium on Nov. 19 — receives 5,000 as well.

“There’s been an opportunity to buy season tickets, really forever, and individuals that wait, this is kind of what happens,” Hollis told the Lansing State Journal. “It’s a good problem for the school. It’s a bad problem for the individuals who haven’t been buying season tickets.”

Student season packages however are not affected by the sell out and will include all seven games.

So for those wanting the six game package the price starts at $294. But to attend the Michigan game, fans will have to purchase through the secondary market. 

Hollis and Schager were unavailable for further comment Friday afternoon.

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