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Community Service Event: Part III

June 14, 2016

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The Oregon women’s soccer team participated in their third community service event of the spring. The service event was led by the 2016-17 junior class including Abby Morrow, Miranda Schulz, Mia Costa, Jordan Fleming, Halla Hinriksdottir, Michelle Rockey, ShayLee Miner and Caitlyn Wong

Head coach Kat Mertz implemented the program in 2014. Since then, the team has volunteered in many different ways in order to give back to the Eugene community.

“I strongly believe in giving back to the community,” Mertz said. “I want our team to have some ownership with the community, so I believe that if they create and organize a service event for our entire team, they will be more invested in the community. We are very fortunate at Oregon and I think that this is a great way to give back and show our appreciation.”

Junior Abby Morrow describes the service event where the team helped plant at the GrassRoots Garden.

Sophomore/Junior Women’s Soccer Service Event:

By: Abby Morrow

The Ducks were soakin’ up the sun and havin’ some fun, as we contributed to a great cause. The sophomore class had the idea to team up with GrassRoots Garden who partners with Food for Lane County, to help supply the community members who are in need of food.

On June 4, 2016 we got to spend quality time right here in Eugene at the GrassRoots Garden, building the foundation for tomato and pepper growing.

A little more about the Garden:

GrassRoots Garden is a 2.5-acre garden that includes the city of Eugene’s compost demonstration site along with a full outdoor kitchen. Not only do they grow delicious fruits and veggies, they cultivate the surrounding community, feeding numerous friends and families.

This community is really special, and we are lucky enough to be a part of it. We certainly had fun and got our hands a little dirty! We helped prepare the ground for planting, by structuring wooden planks held up by stakes to set the foundation for the growing-beds that last a couple of years at a time.

A couple of us shoveled up the compost and piles of leaves into wheelbarrows that were then moved down the rows, packing it on top of freshly raked dirt. Thanks to the garden leaders we learned great tips for successful gardening!

GrassRoots Garden prepares food during the lunch hour for volunteers, which is a cool way to incorporate the foods they help grow, as well as teaching healthy and yummy cooking techniques!

We loved how passionate the gardeners are, which showed how much they care for the community. We are so fortunate to be surrounded by this amazing community, which makes it all the more special to help out. Food for Lane County has many organizations that contribute to producing food, allowing for various and abundant pounds of food that gets distributed.

Although we didn’t get to see the end product of our gardening, (not yet at least!) it was cool to lay the groundwork for something great in the making. This experience allowed us to learn new things, work together with the community, and help people in need.

Our team philosophy is to “trust the process”, which carries over to our work in the garden. Creating a solid foundation will better our outcome, which we can’t wait to see in the garden and on the field!

Thank you to GrassRoots Garden for letting us be a part of something great! We also want to thank the rest of the Oregon community for supporting us in our endeavors.

We encourage everyone to contribute in any way they can, so if you are interested in gardening for a great cause, check out GrassRoots Garden at or visit the GrassRoots Garden here: 1465 Coburg Road, Eugene, OR 97401


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