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Clinton targets Trump as hostile to women

June 10, 2016

In her first speech since locking down the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton predicted the election will be “profoundly different” than any before, and not because of the history she made as the first woman to lead a major-party ticket.

Blasting Donald Trump for intemperate comments about women, minorities, Muslims and even the disabled, the former secretary of State argued Friday that the Republican nominee “does not see all Americans as Americans.”

“So this election isn’t about the same old fights between Democrats and Republicans,” she said at a luncheon hosted by Planned Parenthood. “It’s about who we are as Americans.”

Clinton opened by taking stock of the eventful week, thanking President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren for their endorsements Thursday. She met with Warren just hours earlier at her home in Washington.

“It has been a big week,” she told a ballroom illuminated in pink. “And there’s nowhere I’d rather end it.”

She also thanked Planned Parenthood, the women’s healthcare organization that is a major political target of Republicans, saying it performs critical services for women across the country.

As first lady, Clinton said, she worked closely with Republicans on initiatives to help prevent teen pregnancy. But “things feel quite different now,” she added.

“If right-wing politicians actually cared as much about protecting women’s health as they say they do, they’d join me in calling for more funding for Planned Parenthood,” she said.

As president, Clinton said, she would “always have your back.” But she warned Trump held a vastly different view of the organization and women in general. She singled out his response to a question earlier in the primary campaign that he’d be open to considering legal punishment for women who have abortions.

He did back off the assertion, Clinton conceded. “He’s doing that a lot lately,” she joked.

“But anyone who would so casually agree with the idea of punishing women like it was nothing to him, the most obvious thing in the world, that someone doesn’t hold women in high regard. Because if he did, he would trust women to make the right decisions for ourselves.”

Trump vows he’ll be “the best for women,” Clinton noted, mockingly using Trump’s own words.

“Do we want to put our health, our lives, our futures in Donald Trump’s hands?” she said. “Every woman and everyone who cares about women will answer [that question] when they vote in November.”

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