BYU WR Beau Tanner standing out for more than just his name

August 12, 2017

During Thursday’s BYU football scrimmage at LaVell Edwards Stadium, four of the Cougar offensive players were standing as part of a group on the sideline.

There was junior quarterback Tanner Mangum, sophomore quarterback Beau Hoge, senior tight end Tanner Balderee … and the guy who combined the first names of the others, junior wide receiver Beau Tanner.

“I get teased about it a little bit,” Beau Tanner said Monday. “Someone came up to me when I was talking to Tanner Mangum and I was on the left side of him, so the jerseys said ‘Tanner’ ‘Mangum.’ It’s funny. Whenever Beau Hoge and I are around they will yell out ‘Beau!’ and we’ll both turn around. They get a kick out of it.”

While his name might have some irony — there are three BYU players with the first name Tanner and two with the first name of Beau — Beau Tanner plans to be making a name for himself on the field.

“I feel like my role is evolving as I’ve been doing what Coach (Ben) Cahoon, Coach (Ty) Detmer and Coach (Kalani) Sitake have asked me to do,” Beau Tanner said. “I’ve focused on the little things, on being more technical. I feel like I will have a lot bigger role than last year, so that’s exciting.”

The junior was one of the players Cougar head coach Kalani Sitake singled out as having had a good scrimmage when the team was at LaVell Edwards Stadium on Aug. 5.

“I felt like it went really well, especially for the offense,” Beau Tanner said. “I felt like we competed really well and were definitely clicking on the passing side. I feel like I did well. I’ve been trying to focus on the things the coaches have said to be consistent, make plays and take advantage of the opportunities we get.”

Mangum said Thursday that Beau Tanner is one of the players who has earned his chances on the field and could be a significant weapon for the Cougar offense.

“He is one of the fastest guys on the team,” Mangum said. “He’s a little quiet but he’s really coming into his own. He’s getting that confidence and making plays, which is showing him he can play and can contribute. It’s good to see that out of him.”

Mangum added that there were a couple of close one to Tanner during Thursday’s scrimmage that got broken up but said the junior receiver knows the ball could be headed his way.

“He knows he’s an option and that he’s got to come out every day ready to make plays,” Mangum said. “We need him to help us out.”

On the flip side, Beau Tanner said his job gets to be pretty easy when Mangum is gunning the ball perfectly into tight windows.

“You just run your route, go where you are supposed to be and all of a sudden the ball is there,” Beau Tanner said. “It’s fun and it’s exciting. Everyone on the offensive side of the ball trusts him, that’s he’s going to be our leader, get things done and be consistent.”

Mangum pointed to one of the deep passes to Beau Tanner as an example of how he is understanding how Detmer wants him to run the Cougar offense.

“There was a play where Beau Tanner got 1-on-1 coverage with Troy Warner, so I gave it a shot,” Mangum said. “It was an incomplete pass but Ty Detmer was pleased with the decision. I feel like he and I are getting on the same page, and I can lead the offense the way he wants it done.”

Mangum said the plan is for Beau Tanner and all of the guys in the skill positions to be able to step in seamlessly.

“The goal is to never have a dropoff, to stay consistent and keep the drives moving no matter who is in there,” Mangum said. “We still have work to do, working on the depth so that no matter who is in at running back, wide receiver or tight end we can be consistent and move the ball.”

To that end, Beau Tanner said he plans on continuing to improve as fall camp wears on so he can be an asset during the season.

“I’m working to catch every ball that comes my way, focus on being a more technical and consistent receiver,” Beau Tanner said. “I’ll work on blocking and getting open, and everything else will fall into place.”

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