BYU Men’s Hoops: Was Rose taken surprise by Chatman’s decision to transfer?

June 10, 2016

Jordan Chatman’s decision to transfer from BYU is a curious one.

BYU fans found out on the same day — Thursday — that the 6-foot-5 sophomore guard had been accepted to BYU Law School but was leaving the basketball team.

According to his father, Jeff, BYU Law School wasn’t going to let Jordan play hoops and attend law school, so he would explore his athletic options elsewhere. This according to Jeff Chatman’s Facebook page.

Thursday morning, Rose was telling BYUtv that 14 of his 15 players were going to be enrolled in school soon and Payton Dastrup was returning from his LDS mission that day.

Chatman’s departure leaves BYU very thin on the guard line. While some fans would hope for a transfer or a graduate transfer, it’s kind of late in the game for a good one to to materialize. It’s a tough situation for Rose to be in and frankly, from his public comments, one he didn’t expect to happen.

On May 28, Rose held a round table discussion with a few media members, including me. He commented on Chatman’s academic future.

“That (law school) is in process right now. He’s in as a unique a situation as we’ve ever had here. He came here with an associates degree from the work he did in high school, and in two years here he got bachelors degree. He has plans for a master program and he’s also got an idea to maybe go to law school. Right now we’re trying to figure out how that would work. To say any more than that right now would just be speculation.

“I do know how it work if he takes a grad program. Anson Winder did that and he’s finishing up his masters right now. Anson played his senior year in a graduate program.

“The law school thing is out there. I’ve never heard of a player doing that, so we’ll see. Jordan is quite a unique individual. He’s a driven kid and really quiet. So I think we’ll see how that kind of plays out.”

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