A Coach's Wife: Getting over the pain of the Utah loss

September 16, 2017

We learned long ago that DVDs are just a terrible option at the Mahes’ house. They get scratched within the first hour of purchase.

So we went old school and bought a VCR. Those old VHS bricks are clunky and a pain to store, but generally indestructible and Mahe-proof.

One of Elsie’s favorite VHS movies was “Shrek.” There is a line in the first Shrek movie from Donkey that sums up my feelings pretty well from last week.

“You cut me deep, Shrek. You cut me real deep just now.”

Ouch. I hate losing the Utah game.

And you know who else hates it? Our players and coaches.

I don’t think that we got home from that late game until about 2 a.m., but Reno told me that Coach Kalani Sitake told the players and coaches to take as much time as they needed in the locker room.

He said, however, that when they leave that locker room the game stays there. He told them that their wives and families that were waiting outside were waiting for their husbands, fathers and sons. He didn’t want to see any of them pouting, so they should stay until they could hold their head up and be enjoyable to be around.

That made me so proud to be a Cougar. Win with grace, lose with class, keep perspective always.

And I have no doubt that Cougar Nation will be there to support our boys this Saturday against Wisconsin because even though we were cut real deep, in the wise words of arguably the most famous jackass of the decade, “That’s what friends (fans) do!”

Best fans in the nation. Rise and shout.

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